The Late Khalid Youssef Al-Marzouq

Born in 1931, the Late Khalid Youssef Al-Marzouq was a man of vision, a successful businessman, and an initiator. From his early days, Mr. Al-Marzouq showed interest in commerce, architecture, and socio-politics.


Throughout his life, Mr. Al-Marzouq was highly successful and had a significant impact on Kuwait’s socio-economic life. He co-established the Commercial Bank of Kuwait (1960), set the foundation of Al-Anbaa newspaper (1976), founded several real estate companies for greater success in Kuwait such as: Kuwait Projects for Construction and Real Estate Co., Loloa (Pearl) Real Estate Co., Kuwait Financial Group Co., and Nouf Real Estate Co. for General Trading & Contracting. In 2000, he founded Souk Al-Salmiah Real Estate Co., with a view towards becoming one of the largest markets in Kuwait combining several entertaining and business activities.

The Late Khalid Al-Marzouq was a visionary and a patriot. His achievements are till our day memorialized for their immense socio-political impacts, and today this persona’s philanthropy and charity are still very well-known amongst Kuwaiti people.